Q: How much effort is required to install?

A:  Our kits are simple to install and typically require 2-4 hours, depending upon mechanical ability and shop amenities. Minimal drilling may be required.  Welding and bed removal are not required.  Detailed installation instructions are linked for viewing within the product listing description. 

Q: Can I use lift blocks, add-a-packs, full replacement leaf packs, etc?

A:  Generally speaking, our kits function above the leaf spring, so axle lift blocks and thicker leaf packs are not a concern.  Aftermarket lift blocks taller than OEM blocks will require longer u-bolts than our standard length.  Please contact us if you have application questions.     

Q: I already have an air compressor/air management system on-board?  Can I keep it?  Or...  Do I need an onboard compressor?

A: There are multiple ways to "skin this cat." Yes, you can keep your existing air compressor and connect it up to our system (1/4" OD push to connect tubing).   If you simply want to manually fill and vent the bags we include the pneumatic components required to do so.  PRO TIP:  For optimal performance, keep airbags vented (via the provided schrader valve) or at ZERO psi when not using them.  This will enable you to remove and install the Puck with ease as well as prevent suspension "rebound bucking" should the suspension push into the airbag on a big hit.  Some compressor manufactures employ a 5psi minimum...which is what we don't want.  Refer to our compressor product listings for durable systems that harmoniously function with our kits.  

Q: I already have or plan to use a 5th wheel or Gooseneck setup.  Are your kits compatible?

A: Our systems are designed to function with or without OEM and B&W bracketry.  Specific application compatibility can be found in the product listing description.  Please contact us to review potential compatibility with other manufacturers.     

Q: What is the load capacity of the airbags?

A: For reference, at 100 psi, the force that each bag exerts is 1500lbs (both bags = 3000lbs).  This means that you could place a 3000 pound load in the truck bed, air the bags up to 100psi and you will observe a net zero rear end squat.  The airbags are USA made with internal bump stops and are rated to handle 250 psi.

Q: Are tools required to install and remove the spacer?

A: No.  It is custom designed with a spring loaded quick release latch and can be operated with just one hand.

Q: How much rear suspension travel will the system allow?

A: Droop travel is unlimited because there is no lower airbag attachment point.  Compression travel varies by truck and the type of leaf spring employed.  Generally speaking, your suspension travel will be limited by the shock stroke length/axle bump stops (with the removable Puck not installed, of-course).


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