Why choose this system and who are we?

Full Travel Bags is the ONLY air bag system on the market for your Superduty (and now Raptor / F150) which enables your truck to effectively tow AND off-road without sacrificing suspension performance.  It all started back in 2018 when I designed the first prototype system for my 2017 F-250.   I wanted to be able to off-road, tow my toys and daily drive with the performance I demanded in each category.  My passion for suspension design and degree in Mechanical Engineering led me to the development of the "Removable Spacer" (Patent Pending).  With this Spacer removed and the airbag at zero psi (vented is better), the suspension will cycle without the negative influence of the airbag's spring rate or travel limitation.  Install the Spacer to take up the gap between the airbag and the leaf spring and you're ready to tow.  Your suspension will literally perform as if it does not have airbags installed.  No more ripping airbags, bouncing down the freeway or feeling like your off-roading a Model T.

Keep in mind...this system is a far superior solution to long travel bags for a few reasons:  1) Long travel bags mount inboard of the frame rail and closer to the axle differential housing. This puts additional bending stress at the differential housing where the axle tubes enter and contributes to body roll.  2) Long travel bags have a spring rate of their own which diminishes your ride quality, even at zero psi. 3)  They require you to lift the vehicle / change leaf springs.  

Full Travel Bag's systems are engineered and fully CNC made right here in Southern California, at price that compliments the performance they provide. Kits are compatible with stock and suspension modified trucks. 

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